Saddle fitting all brands and types of saddles.

Local: Northampton - Geraldton - Dongara

1 Horse 1 Saddle: $150.00

Additional saddles: $80.00 per additional saddle

Rural: Kalbarri - Carnarvon - Karratha - Port Hedland - Mullewa - Morawa - Mingenew

1 Horse 1 Saddle: $180.00

Additional saddles: $80.00 per additional saddle

* Rural locations may incur an additional travel fee. 

If your location is not listed please do not hesitate to contact for a quotation.

Saddle fitting services are available to all brands and types of saddles.

Saddles to be heat pressed at additional charge and will require 2nd appointment to check fit after adjusted.

What will happen during a saddle fitting appointment?:

1) Assessment of saddle, horse and rider balance & position .

2) Saddle corrected.

3) Rider up in corrected saddle and re-accessed

4) Kelly talks through adjustments and notes with client.

* Additional costs may occur with X-Change, Thorowgood &

Quik-Change gullets systems. 


Local Rates

Horse adaptive body work- $80.00

Rural Rate

Horse adaptive bodywork- $100.00

Why do we call it adaptive bodywork? Very simple really; we adapt the treatment to your horses requirements and what they respond best with.

Saddle fitting client- discounted rate:
Local $70.00
Rural $90.00

Why do you get a discount? Because as a saddle fitter, Kelly respects and rewards the clients for looking after their horses muscles and body. This makes saddle fitting slightly easier as the horse moves more freely and fluid. A ridden horse who's maintained is more likely to be comfortable and therefore safer. Maintaining the body helps to prevent injury and encourages longer ridden careers.

Assisting horses and riders using Emmett Technique, Sports Massage, Reflexology & Smart Bowen.

Kelly believes by maintaining the body of the horse and rider is a great key to help create optimal results in saddle fitting. Correct saddle fit provides safety, comfort and clear communication.

"At the end of the day we strive for a happy horse and a happy rider- I want everyone to stay as safe as possible and achieve their goals." 


Combining services

Local: Saddle fitting & Bodywork

$180.00- bodywork for equine & saddle fitting for 1 horse with 1 saddle.

Rural: Saddle fitting & Bodywork

$230.00- bodywork for equine & saddle fitting for 1 horse with 1 saddle.

Local Services

Saddle health check- $50.00 for single saddle

Multiple saddle health checks @ single location- $30.00 each

Kelly Dean

Tutor of Emmett Technique

Short Course 4 Horses

Minimum group bookings of 5.

Investment $125.00 per person

6 Hours training

You will learn 4 horse corrections & 2 human corrections.

These 6 moves have been chosen to address the most common areas of pain and restriction. 

The Short course 4 horses is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the world of the Emmett Technique. It will assist you in maintaining your equine between professional treatments and Kelly can also assist you if you would like to further your education in Emmett Technique.

Please contact Kelly on 0447652022 for all enquiries.