Cheval - french for horse. .......Horse Dynamics.........It just makes sense!

Cheval Dynamics is founded and owned by Kelly & Murray Dean. Kelly and Murray shared a view that certain equine services were lacking in their local area in Western Australia. They then set off on a journey to start to not only to fill these voids but to also to provide service unlike anywhere else. The goal was to always put the horses and riders welfare first. The horses would always have their welfare cared for in ways of saddle fitting, body work, correct saddles and assessments. Riders would also be cared for through the same services but would always receive back up service, meaning clients are always encouraged to give feedback and contact Kelly to ask as many questions regarding their appointment as needed for them to feel comfortable. For this reason all saddle fitting appointments are given a 3 month guarantee and if client or horse require saddle adjusting before the 3 months is up, it is done free of charge. It is quite common for horses especially at their growing stages in life to require multiple fits a year and this is exactly why this guarantee was put in place; to protect the health of the horse.

Since the opening of the business many years ago, the business has continued to grow. The services list went from a simple saddle fitting business to a multi certified bodywork business which compliments saddle fitting very well. In 2017 the business opened its onsite clinic in Rudds Gully which allows clients to bring their horses to site and they can be stabled in safe secure yards while being body worked or measuring for saddle fit. This clinic has been greatly received and appreciated by rural clients who send horses for a period of time to be treated. The clinic has also been home to the Emmett 4 Horses Short Course clinics which Kelly has been teaching. Some may ask why would she teaches what she charges to do, but Kellys theory is that by providing home care tools to horse owners it allows the horses to have more care in between appointments- once again its about the horses welfare.

In 2017 Cheval Dynamics was once again truly blessed when given the opportunity to be a dealership for Bates Saddles, Wintec Saddles and DP Saddlery. This allows the business to carry trial stock so clients can trial ride and experience great technology. Kelly and Murray were never interested in stocking a lot of brands, but more so saddles who are top of their field. The saddles had to meet the criteria of being good for the horse and riders biomechanics. The saddles and companies also had to supply features, technology and customer service surpassed by no other and they still had to be affordable. The joy of the business is it sets itself apart by servicing all regions in WA and that saddles can be bought to location. Clients can trial the saddle when its professionally fitted, the horse can be checked for muscular restrictions all at the same time and in a zero pressure environment.

Creating this type of service and business has definitely been a large cost financially but Kelly and Murray both think their home town and the residents are worth the investment. The main importance to Kelly and Murray is customer service from start to finish. New saddle sale clients through CD are provided with delivery of their new saddle and a complimentary saddle fitting appointment to get clients on the right path. The saddle fitting is explained every step of the way so the customer feels confident and knowledgable about their horses requirements.

In the future the business will continue to grow and be home to not only the stables but also a new arena and the services menu will also increase when Kelly finishes her Associate Diploma in Equine Science. The business will then be able to supply health options for equines, pasture management programs and many more services.

The future is bright and Kelly and Murray really are looking forward to helping their equine community and beyond.

Why Kelly & Cheval Dynamics?

*Kelly Dean is a Professional Saddle Fitter trained to a high level by Master Fitter Lou Collins- The fitting technique focuses strongly on equine biomechanical health and also rider and equine comfort.

*Kelly has over 20 years body work experience combined with human & equine.

*The adaptive bodyworks that is provided is a combination of Bowen, Massage & Emmett Technique. Each rider and horse is different and treatments are adapted to individual requirements.

*Saddle fitting services provided by Kelly are highly focused on equine comfort and welfare. Feel reassured that your precious equine is receiving quality care.

*Kelly regularly attends updated training techniques to keep her services up to date.

*Cheval Dynamics is a dealer for BATES, WINTEC & DP SADDLES- you can try before you buy. All new saddle sales are offered a complimentary saddle fitting appointment with a SFA fitter or gift as a thank you for your support.

*Kelly is studying the 4 year Ass Diploma in Equine Science to be able to assist horse owners expanding their knowledge in overall horse health.